Project Social T was founded in Los Angeles in 2011. Our initial vision of creating the perfect tee has grown to curated collections available worldwide. We know what is comfy, chic and durable; and we give attention to fabric quality and simplicity over everything. Today, each style is still made with love in LA from design to production. We aim to tie compassion to consumerism with ‘Our Projects’ program that donates a percentage of every purchase to a variety of different charities nationwide. Project Social T’s fervor is driving its team to creative highs - never static, never satisfied, always pushing it’s progressive self to design better fashion and a better world.


Here at Project Social T, we understand the importance of making an impact on the world around us, and we strive to connect with people who give back to their community. In 2011, we created a program called ‘Our Projects’. Every year we select four outstanding charities to partner with from across the U.S. Each quarter, we spend time getting to know the charities, their volunteers, and their mission individually, and we are able give a monthly donation of $5k to ensure they can continue their incredible work. But do you know what can be more helpful than funding? Awareness. We realize that half the battle that charities face is not having enough awareness surrounding their cause and their efforts. To find out more about how you can contribute too, check out our current and previous charity partners.