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Female models leaning on railing
Female models leaning on railing


Mishky is committed to provide an unforgettable experience to our customers through our unique artisanal jewelry that is 100% handmade in Colombia, with the finest sourced materials from around the globe. Our original designs are conceived by our fantastic creative team led by our founder Tita Navia. We also work with renowned Colombian designers with whom we collaborate to promote local talent and new designs. All of our seasonal collections represent innovation, meticulous work, indisputable Latin character, high quality materials, and socially responsible handcrafting practices.
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Mishky, our company name, is inspired by the South American Quechua word Misk’i, which means sweet. We are a fair trade artisan jewelry company that designs and manufactures hand-made pieces that carefully blend traditional Colombian craftsmanship with ever changing global fashion trends.
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Mishky’s expanding line of products has grown beyond its signature bracelets and now includes earrings, necklaces, and handbags. The company has thrived by constantly responding to its global customers’ demands and providing unique seasonal collections with innovative beading, weaving, and metalwork design with a characteristic Latin flair.
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Model posing on the floor